I Can Not Say Enough

I can not say enough about how special of a woman I have
it takes a lot to endure the worst of time and still stay grounded during the best of times
You have been able to do so far for as long as I can remember for all that and more
I just adore you in every way
I love you spirit, your heart, your integrity and your loyalty
you are the love of my life and the girl of my dreams
I have heard so much about it being hard for true love to exist in the fast lanes
Although how you made it change, and we have been through our share of problems
a man like me could not ask for a better match
When the world has turned on me and there is darkness all around
You find a way to bring light in my life and provide positive energy in the face of some of the most extreme circumstances
As long as we have is, FUCK THE WORLD . . . nothing else matters
I would lay my life down for you and would not think twice
In my eyes you are the most beautiful woman inside and out
I would not trade you for all the sun at the beach
As much as I have done wrong in my life, I am convinced that I must have done something right to deserve a woman as great as you.
And I will forever do all I can to continue to show my undying love and appreciation for you 4-Life!
Your Husband
(Dated July 1, 2011)
Reading things like this is really what keeps my going. I am such a lucky woman to have such an amazing man in my life, and for him to be my husband..... god damn!

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