The Core of it All

"Babe, I tell you here some nights after the lights go out and i just stare at the ceiling and think about you! I remember all the times we have even the stupid times. Just dropping you off at work and screaming out the window that I love you and to have a great day! Or when I was working at the call center and I came out to go to lunch there was balloons in there and how I felt inside to see that! Or just the times when you had to work for your dad and I came up there early and helped you close up and me and your sister would race to see who can put the chairs up faster. Damn I miss being home. I'm so sorry to put you through all this and like I said before I promise to never leave you again!"
As much as he misses home, I miss him 100 times more. Tom has always been so supportive in everything, willing to try anything and always just there. When Tom and I went on our first date, he was surprised that my nights and weekends didn't include alcohol and drugs. "Really?" I remember him asking. I was the "goody goody" while Tom, the "bad boy." As time went on we soon found out that our pasts didn't defy us, that even though we were raised completely different, we had similarities, and to amazement got along great.

I cannot even begin to express how lucky I am to have such a great husband, who cares about being locked up, sent away or even his record, none of that matters when you know the core of that person. I know people look at me funny, think of me differently but ya know what, I really don't care. Don't pass judgement on someone before you know them because when it comes down to it they may just be like you.

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