For You I Have Prayed

Starting my fifth month of pregnancy has me anxious, nervous yet so excited and thankful. Soon enough I will be feeling our lil bambino moving around in there, little kicks, punches and hiccups. I am so excited.

I have so many emotions running through me of things I feel like I need to do, things that need to be done and things I feel like I want.

I have a list of things added to the registry of things "suggested," I am slowly planning my "at home time" since I won't be working right away.

But with everything I feel like needs to be done I can't help but sit and be thankful. I remember when Tom first came home and I use to lay in bed and pray silently in my head. Tom and I were wanting to have children but we allowed it to happen when it was suppose to happen. I want to say I was so ready for it, yet I wasn't. I had asked for this miracle to happen, for our lives to change and it did. I feel so grateful that this has happened at a perfect time for us. That we are able to bring our child into the world without worrying about me being a single mom, nights without Tom home or the chance of him leaving again. For this child, I have prayed. I have prayed for a life with a wonderful man, a life of great family and friends, a career I love and a child I can love for an eternity, and I am getting everything I prayed for, everything I asked for. How lucky am I?

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