19 weeks of unknown

It is such an amazing experience to not only know that you are creating life within your own body but to be able to see it, ahhh, in heaven
Seeing our little baby move, twirl, flip and spin on screen was so reassuring to me. Since I haven't been able to feel an actual kick or punch, seeing the movement and relating that to how I feel was great. Seeing the little heart pitter-patter on screen and to heart can be such an amazing experience. As a first time mom all of these things are not only new to me, but I don't even know what to expect. And as the baby was making its many movements there was a moment when it just opened its legs and for a quick second we could maybe guess the gender. To me there was a just a small white dot, while Tom was under the impression he may have seen more there. So at 19 weeks, it is inconclusive. It is still unknown whether we will bring a beautiful baby girl home or a handsome baby boy. While I want a girl and Tom wants a boy, we will be happy and blessed just t have a healthy baby, no matter what it is. 

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