Is it?

There comes a time in all of this that your memory shifts, you no longer remember the smells, the look in his eyes or even how his lip curls. I sit and close my eyes trying my hardest just trying to myself in his arms, in his presence. Anything.

So I am so behind on laundry I reached to Tom's side of the closet and pulled out one of his treasured white tees. I slipped it over my head and as it hit my shoulders and rested, I stopped.

Took a deep breath.

Closed my eyes.

And there.

Right there it seemed he was right there with me. His scent still saturated the tee. If I knew this I probably would have wasted this treasure a long time ago. I would have wore out all of his tees in the beginning of this journey. But here I am breathing him in, as if it his him.


All I can do is cry.

Cry because it makes me happy, yet breaks my heart. I never knew you could miss someone so much. Love someone so much. Is it pathetic to sit here basking in his scent?

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