Sitting here drafting my letter and card to mark our six months of marriage has me thinking of where we have been and where we are going. While Tom and I rarely "fight" we do argue but the other is quick to just give in because we are aware of how short our calls are. We never want to waste a minute. A second. Six months ago we didn't know what was in store for us, we couldn't predict the future which entailed extra charges and far more than three months that we anticipated. So while I sit here without my husband I know that this will be the last, which makes me grateful. Six months may not seem like a long time or a big deal, but it is when your marriage has been filled with 15 minute phone calls, letters, money orders and not one single night together as husband and wife. In six months time Tom and I will celebrate our one year anniversary, which is something to look forward too. Some nights it is hard to go to sleep without him in bed, to wonder what he is thinking, and how he is doing. Six months. It seems just like yesterday we committed our lives together yet it seems decades ago. The time has taken its toll on both of us. The emotional stress, the unknowing the stress in general can take the best of you. I will not allow this to take us down, we will make the best of short time we have left.

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