Real Love

Today six months ago I married a loving man - a caring man. Six months ago we never realized that this would be "us," that our mornings wouldn't be milk and Sports Center but chow time and snooze buttons. We never thought that our three month "sentence" would turn into just under a year. Yet even though it seems as though Tom and I have been put to the test, we have prevailed, we have passed. We are stronger than ever at this point. Both strong individually and even stronger as a team.

Six months ago I made the best decision by marrying Tom, it may not be the way I wanted it to happen - but I am still happy. I am happy that I found my soul mate, my best friend, my lover. To this day it still seems to surreal. I still ask myself is this real? How can one single person be in love this much?

Half a year may not seem like anything to some and maybe a fraction to others but none the less, we have made it. Some couples will not be put to the test, they will fall into their habits of work, children, bed times and holidays - while other families will know what its like to struggle without the other to go on with your life without your better half there.

So here is to six months. Six months for real love and to just a fraction of our lifetime.

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