Note to Self

In anything else I sometimes have to remind myself of a lot of things nowadays.

I need to remember it's okay, to have some "me" time. While having a sore throat and not having any other "sick" side effects, I need to stay away from the hospital in case it is something and the horrible guilt I would have if Cooper ended up sick.

In doing so, I need to realize it is okay to read a magazine, watch a movie and just relax and try not to worry about not being in Cooper's room for 8 hours a day. In sitting here trying to tell myself that Cooper is good, I am fine and tomorrow is a new day, I realize there are a lot of other things that I need to do "note to self."

Note to Self: 

- It's okay to not be "okay" every single day.
- It's fine if you don't want to talk, if you want to cry or even if you want to be by yourself.
- Bad days are normal. And when I say bad I mean, bitchy, rude, bipolar and annoyed with the world but try not to take it out on people that mean the most to you, like family and friends or even Cooper's nurses.
- Sleep is not overrated. Even though you feel like you haven't done much all day, stress, worrying and even being at the hospital all day is draining, sleep; even sleep in from time to time.
- Be happy. You have a loving and caring husband, the cutest son, an awesome family, fantastic friends and the most amazing supporters.
- Humble yourself by being grateful. Grateful in everyday that your life has changed for the better since December 18, 2012.
- Love yourself.

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  1. Glad to hear this ♥♥♥♥♥ gigi


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