Tom and Annette, 3 days down

Only three days have past, with 87 left, I feel stronger than I ever have. While Tom has preached he has been through this before, it can't ever be great, never the best thing but in an odd sense he is happy. Happy to finally be getting this over, so he doesn't need to look over his shoulder anymore, so he can be free. He can get over this and begin a real life, a new life.

While some people don't agree with my decisions in this case but He is my ma, and I stand next to that decision til the end. Tom may have made bad choices in the past, but it is the past and luckily in 87 days its over. Finally. He has always told me the sitatation he is in. I knew what I was signing up for and agreed with it. Tom is a good a man, he is a great man. When we first met I would never imagine that this relationship would be that relationship. When I say that relationship, I mean the one you always dreamed of as a little girl. The one that you envied of others.

Even though Tom and I haven't been together for a long time, it has been the most amazing short time of my life, thus far. Tom and I have so much fun together, we share so many things and are always laughing. The best thing about our relationship is we can just be laying in bed, watching tv and we are content.

I have never been through this situation, never have I sat in the chair to see someone I love through glass. I know I will have good days and bad days, like yesterday, but it will pass. This time will pass and soon enough we can be together again. For now I will resort to my daily letter writing, and watching my phone for the weird number. I can only be strong for not only me but us, Tom and I, and for family.

I love Tom so much, more than yesterday and not as much as tomorrow. 87 more days to go.

Strong & Never Broken <3

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